Can't get rid of watermark with lifetime license

After the update I can’t get rid of the watermark anymore. When I click to remove watermark it tells me I have no available products for my license and I can purchase one, but you can clearly see in the upper right where I’m logged in that I have a vcam lifetime license. I just gave my session today with watermark on the screen. I’m seriously upset right now.

You will need to login inside the VCam program to use your license.

To login, click the green menu icon on the top left and select Log in.

I was already logged in. Interestingly, the watermark is gone this morning. Seems once the premium trial rolled off (yesterday was the last day) the account everything is fine now. I think it’s related to when you sign up for a premium trial and then subscribe. On the day that premium trial ends, instead of using your lifetime subscription, it’s actually only seeing the end of the premium trial. You guys should have a look at the logic in the program for this.