Can't get vCam to recognize my external webcam

I can’t get XSplit to recognize my external camera. Vcam seems to improve the image from my built-in webcam somewhat, and the background blur works fairly well at about 50% (gets rid of most of the artifacting noted in comments on the Forum). However, my external camera has much better resolution, and I’d like to be able to use it via XSplit. Now that XSplit has inserted itself into Zoom, I can’t use my external camera in Zoom either, since Vcam pops up when I start Zoom. (For the record, Skype won’t recognize my external USB webcam either…) I’ve tried soft and hard reboots. I tried Refresh. Any ideas out there? The webcam is a rather generic “Aoboco” 968 that I bought on Amazon. Computer is a Dell Inspiron Laptop, Windows 10 pro, Intel I7 at 1.8 GHz, Display resolution 1920x1080. The display adapter is Intel UHD graphics 620 (built-in, I believe). Any ideas?

Hi! Just to clarify that some more: Is the Aoboco webcam not working in any other apps aside from XSplit VCam and Skype? Does it show up as a webcam in your Device Manager?

Try connecting the webcam to a different USB port. In addition to that, see if you have any pending updates for both Windows 10 and the Intel GPU driver: