Cant RTMP to twitch

Hello, i was curious if i could get some help with twitch i cant send stuff there but youtube is ok. I can even use OBS and elgato capture to RTMP to twitch. the stream says its open but on it says my channel is offline. Ive tried adjust bit-rates yet nothing tends to appear via X-split broadcast (Latest version).


Hi there! I see, can you change the User Agent to FMLE/3.0? Then just to make sure it’s not an encoding issue, go for setting x264 as the Codec and see if that improves it.

hi there,

So I’ve been messing with tons of different user agent settings and codec settings. Any combintation in that series still produces the same result. I keep trying but still nothing.

ok so at long last… i got some help via X-split facebook via chat. The problem was the Local ingest server to my area is fubar’d so i tried a different city’s ingest location and it worked!

Glad to hear that! Let us know if you ever need anything else. :smiley: