Can't share screens in google meet, after X-Split Applications

I have a new laptop with three external monitors; I use a Logitech C922 Pro Stream Webcam and often meet online through google meet. I could share any of my four screens on Google meet in chrome. Everything worked fine until I installed the X-Split applications. And now, I can only share two of my four screens. My primary screen and my secondary screen, which is connected to the HDMI port, do not show in the google meet share screen list; my other two screens, which are USB, are the only ones shareable. If i want to share the other two screens, i have to disconnect the USB screens and reconnect them then all four screens appear in the share screen list for a minute. I uninstalled the XSplit software, and that didn’t work, so I re-installed and uninstalled it with ‘Reno Uninstaller’; Still, I only have access to two USB monitors.