Causes Minecraft 1.16.1 to crash

If Broadcaster is open/running before launching the game, game crashes on startup


Is this because I set it to CPU?

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Hi! So far it looks like there’s an ongoing issue with this version. The devs are currently looking into it.

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This seems to be some part due to NVIDIA drivers, we’ve reached out to NVIDIA regarding the issue and will hopefully hear back soon :slight_smile:

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Wanted to just follow up on this to see if there was any response from NVIDIA regrading this?

No response as of yet. We may try an alternative method of injection and see if that fixes the issue

any updates on this? very annoying to start the game.

I imagine it will be in one of the next driver updates. In the meantime just so you can stream minecraft, I suggest turning off Game Source by going to Tools > Settings and in the General tab, uncheck “Enable game source”. Then, use window/display capture to capture minecraft. Add Source -> Screen Capture -> Window Capture

Just following up, this is still occurring on 1.16.3 as well.
I can still use game capture but XSplit must be closed when I open MC and let it load first, then I can open XSplit. If XSplit is open before or during the launch the game will crash.

@BGHDDevelopment NVIDIA released driver hotfix 452.22 that should fix the issue.

Could you try downloading the driver here:

I installed 456.38 and this still occurs for me. Unable to launch minecraft with xsplit open, and minecraft crashes while recording.

Still having the issue

We’ve informed NVIDIA again that the crash is still occurring for our app. I’ll let you know when we hear back.

Checking in been a long time.

This issue is still occurring, is this going to be fixed?

Could you try the PTR

Hi, I tried the PTR, and it’s now crashing (freezing, not loading) Minecraft versions 1.14-1.16…didn’t test earlier version of the game. This is really unfortunate because I prefer the quality of your software’s recordings, especially for sound, and am liking the improvements/new features

I’ve changed the compatability into windows 8 and the game won’t crash at me anymore. It may be due to an issue with the windows 10 update with nvidia drivers.

Try using - Hopefully the PTR will have this fix soon

The latest PTR seems to be working, as in not crashing/interfering with Minecraft