Challenges selecting NDI video stream in 4.3.2202.1226

I love the new look of Broadcaster 4.3, however I’m having a problem selecting NDI streams from the add source menu.
To be able to keep the NDI selection menu open my cursor needs to move from the highlighted section to the first available option, however there is a very small overlap between the two due to the “Newtek NDI Streams” header in the menu. If I miss the overlap, the menu disappears.
The Newtek NDI streams is the only menu that I have under Add Source that is two levels deep, and the only menu that has a header.

Do others have this same issue with 4.3, or is there a scaling, or setting that I need to change to make this easier on my computer?


I already noted a similar issue to our development team a week or two ago. An issue has been filed for it and hopefully a fix will be released in the near future.