Clip/ instant Replay functionality in Xcaster

Incorporation of hotkey functionality regarding Instant Replays, and .Gifs, Clips on the fly while streaming and having it pop up in a lil window for display on stream - not sure if this exists yet, outside of AMD or another program having to open, configured, and running along side Xsplit Broadcaster.

Please and thank you on any tips, tricks, or answers.

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XSplit Broadcaster already has a Replay source that can be used for this. It can be set up in such a way that when you make the Replay source visible, it will automatically start playing the replay. You can either do this by adding the replay source in your main scene as picture in picture OR you can create a new replay scene and add the source as full screen.

In addition to the above, you could get a bit more creative and utilize the Macros extension in XSplit Broadcaster. Macros allows you to interact with Broadcaster in different ways and one example would be creating a hotkey that shows your replay source. You could also use Scene presets for this instead.

Current Limitations
These are the current limitations of the replay source. We plan to improve these eventually.

  • Can’t save the replay for later use
  • Can’t change the playback speed for things like slow motion.
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