Compounding Delay From IP Cams

Edited out too much repeating information. I suspect I made some sort of encoder setting error. This led to a compounding lag where my IP cam sources where getting slow and choppy. Initial testing showed the less I did otherwise with the PC the better. I had been gaming and streaming in and out with no issues a few weeks prior. Initial trouble shooting revealed the encoder was reporting only 35% usage with one cam and I still got this symptom.

I eventually wiped my drive and installed from scratch. I am not messing with the stream intake/encoder settings other than bitrate and resolution. So far the cams seem smooth and on pace with displayed PC time stamp. There is a bit of back and forth 3-5 second with the PC. The clock display is a loaded html file which itself is about 30 seconds behind the PC.

I ran a 7 hour stream today @ 720 at 1024 bit rate… 2 720/1024br RSTP cam source. finished with same 4 second “delay” it started with.

Overnight and tomorrow I am bumping everything up to 1080dpi 4096br. I expect there will be some issues and that is fine at this “extreme” for the system.

I will be using the PC a bit at the same time nothing too heavy until tomorrow night.

I am running: AMD Ryzen 5 1400 Quad-Core @3.20 GHz Gigabyte B450M DS3H - 8GB DDR4- Windows 10 20H2 19042.870 on a 1TB partition on a 2TB NVMe - NVIDIA GTX1070

Maybe the Ryzen 5 is just a little too close on the spec side?

The point is… SOMETHING changed. I will report back regardless of what I find.

Hi! We’ll need to clarify some more about that IP camera delay. Can you send us a video recording where they’re affected by it?

A delay from the IP camera to the XSplit Broadcaster window is normal – this is due to the camera’s feed being streamed into the XSplit Broadcaster source over the network. However, we would like to see the kind of delay you’re getting in that stream.

Along with the sample recording, please also send us a screenshot of the IP camera app’s settings – the IP camera’s settings are normally what to check first for this kind of problem.