Connection problem and dropped frames when streaming

I’m having two problems with XSplit Broadcaster here. None of these problems are related to each other.

The first problem I’m having is determining the twitch streaming server and bitrate needed.

When using the channel configuration wizard xsplit is determining twitch servers from Europe, and I live in south america. I need to keep trying several times until I can find a server in south america. (I know I can determine the server manually).

But the problem continues, when determining the correct server, xsplit warns me that my connection only supports transmission in 720p because the bitrate is 2800kbps, which is a lie.

I have a bandwidth of 1GB upload and 300MB upload. Before migrating to XSplit I was able to stream 1080p60 through other platforms with ease.

The second issue I’m having is absurd frame drops in games during a stream, including screen freezing and lag when moving the mouse.

Before deciding to migrate to XSplit I used to perform transmissions in the same settings that I’m trying to use in XSplit and I can’t.

OBS Settings:

Rate Control: CBR
Bitrate: 8000 Kbps
Keyframe Interval: 2
Encoder preset: Slow
Profile: High
x264 Options: threads=32 lookahead-threads=32 rc-lookahead=60 trellis=1 direct-pred=spatial bframes=2

XSplit Settings:

They are used as used in OBS, just change the x264 encoder parameter.

x264 encoder parameter: &ex:threads=32&ex:lookahead-threads=32&ex:rc-lookahead=60&ex:trellis=1&ex:direct-pred=spatial&ex:bframes=2&

Detail: With OBS I have managed to maintain an average of 120~ fps while streaming and playing, with XSplit this average drops to 50fps, sometimes to 30fps.

My setup:

Ryzen 9 3950X
ROG Asus X570 Crosshair Hero VIII
RTX 3080