Constant Login on Broadcaster

Just curious, why is my Broadcaster continuosly making me login, on a daily basis? I own the Lifetime License and can’t remember a software program that made you verify ownership (by logging in ) so often.

I’m only using my Broadcaster on 1 computer. Thank you in advance.

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Hi! Is it still forcing you to login even if you enable the “Remember me” option for the login?

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I believe this may be due to an issue (T17076) we identified where some of your account information contains non-latin characters which causes the remember me function to not work. This is being looked in to and worked on and should hopefully be in the PTR soon and in the main release in the next few weeks.

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Oh actually apparently the fix is already in the PTR @dadslyfe - Could you try the PTR and see if the issue is fixed for you?

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Good evening.

  1. I’m pretty sure I’ve clicked the remember button but I’ll do so again just in case.
  2. What is PTR? Sorry, I’m pretty new to everything…
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I linked it above. PTR is the Public Test Release, it allows you to try out new updates to XSplit Broadcaster before we release them to the wider public

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Sorry for the delayed response. I downloaded and installed the PTR version of Broadcaster. It still requires me to login regularly. Not every single time I use Broadcaster but more often than it seems like it should.
I don’t have non-latin characters in my account information and have no idea what is going on here. Thank you for your help.

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Are you using any other XSplit application?

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I have the original Broadcaster, VCam and the Xpress Video Editor installed but I’m only using the PTR version of Broadcaster at the moment.

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Also, I don’t know if this is related or if I should create a separate topic on the subject but when I go to stream on Youtube, the information from the previous stream isn’t saved like it is with my Facebook stream.
My son’s version of Broadcaster saves the information from his previous stream to make it easier to stream the next time.

I believe for this specifically we pull from the sites API so it would set it to whatever your YouTube event was set to

Do you regularly use/log in to VCam?

Why does this thread just end July 15 with no resolution?

Hi Curtis, do you encounter similar issue? We have had released a new version that should have fixed this.

Hi @curtis,

Could you please try in XSplit VCam and see if you encounter the same login issue? If you get the issue in VCam, please send us a debug log.

To get the debug log, please follow the same steps here

You may upload the file in Google Drive or Dropbox and send it here, or send it via XSplit Support chat

I have the same issue. We use a number of volunteers at our church and often one comes in to find Xsplit Broadcaster logged out. if they don’t login it posts livestream to the wrong account. Is there a way to stop the logout?

@wileythomas3 So you’re still consistently having issues where you’re being logged out of XSplit Broadcaster? Are you using any other XSplit products on the same machine, like XSplit VCam etc?

I don’t have any other XSplit apps on this computer. And just to clarify - this only happens once every 5-6 weeks. It’s not consistent.