CPU Spikes Keep Stopping My Streams

I mostly use XSplit Broadcaster to stream videos playing full-screen in a browser (Vivialdi). Often, the stream will go on great for a while at aroudn 50% CPU usage, then suddenly the CPU will spike with XSplit Core maxing out the CPU (according to Process Explorer). This causes stopping / stuttering on the video that’s playing and interrupts the stream.

It SEEMS to have something to do with switching processes. If I switch back and forth between the browser and XSplit too many times, it seems to trigger it. If I click on some other program that is running, it seems to trigger it. I’ve sometimes caught background processes starting up just before it hits.

I am tearing my hair out trying to figure this out! Today I went in rebooted, disabled my anti-virus, terminated all non-essential Windows applications and services, and even went into the Task Manager and disabled all tasks that were scheduled to run during the stream. As usual, things ran fine for a while, then the CPU spike hit and that was the end of the show.

What can I do next to try and pin down the cause of this?

Sorry for the delay in response. Are you still encountering that problem with the stream stopping?

If yes, let’s try to pinpoint what happens when the stream stops. Does it show any particular error message when that CPU usage spikes?

Please send us screenshots of the following from your XSplit Broadcaster:

  1. Your stream properties.
  2. Your Tools > Settings > Audio tab.

Something else to check: Do you also encounter the same problem if you create a local recording, instead of broadcasting a live stream?