Cropping Webcam Feed? (e.g. EOS Webcam Utility)

Hi all … I’m using a Canon 60D through the fairly new Canon EOS Webcam Utility via USB, and the quality is a big step up (even for an older camera) even from the C920 that I use otherwise due to the quality of the lens and control over depth-of-field. However …

Due to the age of the camera, the USB interface is USB 2.0, and though the CAMERA is capable of HD (1080P), the limitation of USB 2.0 bandwidth/data rates limits the resolution to 1024×576. (Interestingly the perceived quality of the 1024x576 STILL looks better than 1080p)

My question is this, given that there seems to be a LOT of people now using the EOS Webcam Utility, how do you deal with this? Is there a utility out there that will appropriately crop an inbound webcam feed? Can/will XSplit VCam do this? Are we required to use XSplit Broadcaster (which I bought!) or OBS for only this one function (and to take on the processing overhead of these more complete systems)?

My ideal (and feature request) is to have XSplit VCam allow for cropping (like ManyCam), while maintaining the small processing footprint that it already has (even though I would admit it would be EVEN better for the EOS Webcam Utility to accommodate this function … but hey, this is Canon … this is kinda new to them!).

Hi! VCam doesn’t have a built-in feature for cropping or editing the webcam feed. It’s based entirely on the webcam’s own settings.

However, we do have an ongoing feature request for that which you can upvote here: