Cuts in long transmissions


Currently I have the problem that after the three hours of live on YouTube the sxplit tends to throw the transmission in gray and the live time counter is set at 00:00, just as if it had started again.
The problem is that if I restart the transmission the problem comes back much earlier, it’s as if the program is fatigued or something similar, does anyone have an idea what that might be?

Thank you.

Hi! Does the same thing happen even after you’ve tried lowering the resolution and bitrate?

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Hi, I did two tests, the first one I kept the resolution at 720 and less bitrate, and I didn’t have problems, then I raised the resolution to 1080 and 4500 bitrate and I didn’t have problems either, both transmissions lasted more than an hour, even so I don’t confirm that the problem is already solved because the problem of the program being blocked by putting the grey screen and the time counter to zero appeared when the three hours of transmission were exceeded, even so in both cases the transmission bitrate is lower and I also uninstalled and reinstalled the program.

How is your CPU usage during a broadcast?

Hi, sorry to keep you waiting.

CPU usage is approximately 6-10% Ryzen 5 2600