Decklink Output not matching setting

Just bought a 3 month subscription coming from OBS and I am running into a bug - No matter what framerate I choose, anytime I tell my Decklink 4k to output at 1920x1080 it is always at 60p. I confirmed with Decklink software, and an encoder that is connected to the output that only accepts 1080p30. If I set it to 720 it does follow whatever framerate I choose, it is only 1080p that will not change no matter what I choose. OBS is able to output on the decklink at the correct 1080p30.

Hi! We’ll see first if there are any settings to adjust in the XSplit Broadcaster source. Please send us a screenshot of the device’s Properties window (right-click it inside the XSplit Broadcaster window).

Here ya go!

Does it still have the same problem with the resolution if you uncheck Use Blackmagic WDM Capture in that Properties window?

If I uncheck that setting XSplit looses the input all together.