Doesn't work in portrait orientation?

I’m having trouble trying to use XSplit Connect : Webcam w/ VCam where my Samsung Galaxy S10 only shows the video in landscape mode. I can turn the rotation lock on and off and rotate the phone and it will flip the video in landscape mode, but i cannot seems to use the camera in portrait mode.

Is this a bug? an incompatibility? or am I doing something wrong?

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Hi there, at the moment it is a known limitation but our developers are already working on to support both portrait and landscape orientation.

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Yeah, I just went throught the set up process and have the same issue. Im trying to configure the camera for my wifes live events on facebook and she needs portrait, I wish I knew this before I researched, registered, downloaded, configured… etc. etc…

I am also trying to make vertical video with logitech stream cam because that camera provides “vertical” input source natively. However, Xsplit video capture device canvas does not shows any vertical layout. only horizontal. Is there anyone who successeded vertical streaming? I heard that this is an old issue.

Oh. I accidently found this article about “stage” upper right corner of the program.
xsplit help page Written by Lorenz Cruz last week.
It works!. OBS is not possible to livecast 9:16 vertical portrait streaming. Impressed.