Download link for old version

Can I have the download link for the Xsplit Gamecaster V3?

I downloaded the version 4 and it kinda loses all the features that I liked in the gamecaster.


The old version of Gamecaster (v3.4) can still be downloaded here:


Alright man,

Thank you very much

Same here for me. I dislike the new Beta version. I wish it would have said it was “beta” . I would not have downloaded it. It does not work for me like the old one did.


Seems like you and me are of the same mind. hehe.

Yeah I don’t like the new one either, I love the old version!

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I think this new beta version has a lot going for it. There are a lot more features that previous versions didn’t have. This version will take a bit of getting used to but I think it will be pretty good once it gets through the beta testing phase.

I can’t “get used” to this new version, when it ALWAYS, CONSTANTLY gives me either a black screen or a speckled white screen, and apparently freezes up my PC, so that the “esc” (Escape) button, and even control + alt + delete does NOT bring up options like the task manager or the option to restart. I have to do a manual RESTART of my PC EVERY TIME I NOW TRY to use XSplit with my Logitech 920 Web cam. I have even uninstalled and reinstalled the Logitech software, but it still occurs. So, it is not my Logitech cam, but the “UPGRADE” on XSplit!!! Everything worked GREAT with the old version, NEVER CRASHED, or caused my PC to CRASH. So, I don’t know what new, “great” features the update(s) brought, because I NOW CAN NOT use XSplit without it CRASHING, and CRASHING my PC!!!