Dual PC stream - how to setup correctly using elgato capture card


I cannot find anywhere on the internet how to set up correctly the dual PC stream using xsplit and elgato HD60 S+ or any elgato game capture. I saw on the elgato help pages something, but it’s not the same on the current xsplit. Can anyone help with resources or advices?

Thank you!

Hi! The gaming PC is normally connected to the streaming PC via HDMI cables in the capture card. Are you running it with a monitor for each of the two PC’s?

I think the most difficult thing to set up when it comes to a Dual PC stream is audio. There’s a handful of ways this can be done though. I currently have a dual PC setup using the Elgato 4K60 S+, however I’m also using the GoXLR for audio which does make some things easier for audio.

Just let me know as much info as you can about your setup and where you’re getting stuck and I’ll try to help.

@gazreyn & @Batolomew thank you for taking the time to respond to my post.

Regarding the monitors, I have a desktop PC (the gaming one) connected to two screens. Then I have a laptop that I intend to use as streaming PC.

Indeed, I saw some videos where people kept mentioning that the audio is the most difficult part. I honestly don’t know what’s best to do here, because I saw multiple programs. Ofc, voicemeeter banana/potato seem to be the most popular choice, but I am open to what’s best.

Well, what I managed to do and understand is how to connect my Elgato HD60 S+ to both of the computers. Then I noticed in the tutorials that some people where duplicating the screen (gaming PC screen) to the Elgato capture card, but others were saying that it’s better to extend it. So, I extended it. Then, I made sure that I have xsplit installed on both PCs, and from the gaming PC I set a projector mode so that I can capture the extended capture card screen. From my laptop (streaming PC), I added the elgato as capture and I could see my screen. I even moved my game on the screen and I could see it. I had some problems to show it fullscreen, but I managed with a double click :smiley:.

Now, I have installed the Elgato program on both PCs, because that’s what I saw I should do, but the program only detects a capture card on the streaming PC. So, here I don’t know what’s good or wrong. Maybe it’s how it’s supposed to be.

And that’s it, I was going to work on the audio part, but I have some silly questions like:

  • Is there something that I did wrong?
  • Is there something in xsplit that I can do and I didn’t do? Like some settings
  • On which PC do I connect my microphone and why?
  • I assume that I have to use the headphones on the streaming PC to be able to hear everything
  • Where do I use discord? On streaming or gaming PC?
  • Anything else that I should know?

Btw, I never used a capture card in my life, so any tips are great. Thank you!

So overall, I’d recommend not doing the extending of screens but instead duplicate. This will make things simpler and will help improve performance on your gaming PC as you don’t have to run additional apps and game hooks to get your footage. Just doing this will allow you to see the game both on your gaming PC and your streaming PC through the capture card.

For the audio portion, there’s a variety of different ways you can set it up depending on needs which will change the answer to some of the questions you ask. The approach below is mainly necessary if you don’t have audio hardware such as a mixer.

Voicemeeter Approach:
This can get complex depending on needs, but essentially you plug all audio related stuff in to your gaming PC. The means mic, headphones etc. Then using the voicemeeter software, you add all the audio you need; system sound (which will include discord), mic etc. Then you use voicemeeters network feature to send the audio over the network. On the stream PC, you also have Voicemeeter running which will then receive the audio feed you’re sending. You then select this audio in XSplit Broadcaster. I’ve kind of simplified explaining it but there should be many tutorials available online. A lot of them will show OBS but it should also work the same for XSplit Broadcaster.

Thanks a lot for taking the time to respond and explaining it. Yeah, for sure I can look at tutorials, I already did, but I thought that maybe there was something specific to xplit and I needed the clarification about the audio (where to plug). Cause most of the people don’t mention such details. I’ll focus on voicemeeter tutorials in this case.
So, if I plug everything in the gaming PC (audio wise), do I set in my gaming xplit the stream notifications ? And the stream PC will get everything exactly as I output from the gaming PC?

So I believe with voicemeeter, you have it running on both PC’s. On the streaming PC in XSplit Broadcaster you set the microphone as the voicemeeter device that gets the audio from the gaming PC. Then, you have your alerts added on your streaming PC. You can then set up voicemeeter to send audio back to your gaming PC which will just be audio for the alerts.

Ah, cool! I didn’t know that I can do it both ways :smiley: thanks!