Elgato HD 60 - no sound

I have picture and sound when using generic capture cards. I recently installed an elgato HD 60 internal card. I have picture but no sound from HDMI. However, when I open the elgato software I have picture and sound. It seems like Xsplit is not accepting audio from the HD60. Any solutions?

Hi! That depends on what you’ve connected to the capture card. Are you capturing a console like PS4 or Xbox One? If you are, do you have any earphones connected to the controller?

In XSplit Broadcaster, could you right click the HD60 source and then where it says Audio Input, change it from built in to the specific audio device for the HD60 and see if that helps?

I have a high end video camera plugged into the capture card with HDMI. We broadcast church services. In the xsplit settings I have tried changing the audio source to the HD60. No luck. I have also tried a cheap generic USB HDMI capture card and that works just fine to bring in audio and video. But, I would rather use the internal elgato HD60 card that I bought.