Elgato: Project Wave - GoXLR Competitor?

Elgato teased something called “Project Wave” in a tweet that is coming in Spring 2020

I wonder what it is, seems obvious enough it’s audio related. I wonder if they’re going to try and take on the same space as the Go XLR or if it’s something completely different?

my take, this is something going up against Blue microphones

Yeah, that could make sense. I feel that in the past year or so, at least within the streamer segment, that Blue has lost the big foot hold it had with Shure, Audio Technica, Razer, Samson and others gaining popularity. I mean Blue are still up there is most guides as the go-to starter mic. Would be interesting what they would bring to the table that would one up all the other options/choices. As far as I know, GoXLR is the only mixer geared towards streamers/content creators.

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