Elgato Stream Deck stopped working with Broadcaster

Hi, about a week ago, my Elgato Stream Deck stopped working with XSplit Broadcaster. It’s been working fine (other than often playing the wrong source when you press a button the first time you press it, but then it seems to find all the correct files after that normally. But that is intermittent and long going bug that is frustrating but livable).

Now nothing works at all.

I’ve tried uninstalling the Stream deck app and re-installing.

un-installing and re-installing the stream deck plugin within Broadcaster.

no buttons work . I get the following message on the streamdeck app when I try to setup or edit a go live button to start my stream and no configured broadcast connections show up on the list to choose from.

“Please launch XSplit Broadcaster”

No other setup buttons work either. The stream deck is completely useless.

Any help would be appreciated.



Same here … hours invested in streaming over many months, this problem comes and goes, but this time it looks dead in the water.

This has been reported elsewhere and there appears to be no common solution.

Previously I’ve been through tech support at Elgato and we got as far as ‘it could be one of your other USB devices causing the problem’ before I came to the conclusion they just don’t know what the problem is.

I got mine working again!

XSplit Broadcaster came out with an update yesterday. I applied it, restarted the Stream Deck app and everything works again.

If you are using XSplit… check for updates!


I’ve not been able to reproduce on the latest versions of XSplit Broadcaster / Stream Deck

Yes, the latest version fixed the issue. Thanks