Escape From Tarkov Streaming/Recording

So…I’ve streamed and recorded three different games using xSplit Broadcaster now. Valheim, EFT, and Overwatch, in that order. When I streamed Valheim and Overwatch, no problems. Streamed well, could view recordings and was able to pull them into my editor. However, when I streamed and recorded EFT, something weird happened. The stream when well enough, was broadcasting to Twitch fine, but when I end it and try to open the local recording in my video editing software (Cyberlink Powerdirector 15), the software only sees it as a music file. The file name has “.mp4” at the end, but the file size is way too small for it to be video. BUT, when I open the file using Windows Media Player, it plays back fine. Can see everything that happened from the recording and hear everything fine. After that first failed EFT recording, I later tried Overwatch and that worked perfectly, no qualms about it. Could edit the whole 3 hour session in my software. I then got in touch with xSplit on Facebook, they gave me some advice to try a different video software or to try producing the EFT file to the original resolution and framerate to see if that would fix it - no dice. I then tried xSplit’s free Express Editor, and it said the 2nd file was fragmented. But only the EFT files. NOTE: I did NOT change my streaming/recording settings from one stream to the next one. Same across the board. Anybody else come across this issue or have any suggestions? Really puzzling and starting to get frustrating.
Tried to upload images to the topic here, but for some reason “can’t upload media files”?? Even though they have it listed as an option and it literally asked me to upload photos from my computer?

Don’t know if screenshots work in here, but I’ll post Gyazo links for anybody who sees this.
Here’s a link to the screenshot of the first failed EFT recording file:
And here’s a link to the second one. They are very similar:

Then here’s a screenshot of one of the other games that worked fine when trying to pull the video into my editing software or xSplit’s: