Exceeding Quota Message

Hi All
This evening we was not able to make our broacast
We received a message that say that we exceed API QUOTA.

We don’t have idea to how resolve this big problem for us.

Please help us.

Thanks for your support.

Best Regards
Michelangelo (Oratorio San Nicolao)

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Hi! There is currently an ongoing issue with XSplit Broadcaster’s connection to the YouTube API – the specific error that shows up is the one you described, referring to an exceeded quota.

For now the workaround is to use Custom RTMP with the YouTube Studio’s stream key:


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Has there been any update to this error yet? Still getting it after it first popped up on Wednesday.

Hi! I just tested it on mine and it’s streaming to through the YouTube plugin as normal.

OK! It was a temporary youtube error!
we suppose that was…
than you so much!!!