Express editor stuttering

When I play back some of my recordings I am getting a stutter. Audio os fine but video is greatly affected. What can I do.

Hi! Does the stutter happen when you playback the footage in the editor itself, or is it when playing the footage after you’ve edited it?

Are you able to upload a sample clip that’s affected by the stutter?

It happens when I play it back from the editor. I have restored settings to default and no change.

We’ll need to clarify that some more: Which settings did you restore to default? Can you send us a screenshot of the settings that you’d adjusted?

As for the stuttering, does it also happen if you play it in an external video player like VLC or Windows Media Player?

My sincerest apologies for this confusion. I can play the video back in Windows media player and VLC without issue however when I load up express video editor the playback stutters when trying to edit. That is my main issue, I am unable to do any kind of editing with the editor itself due to the stuttering. All other playback applications work perfectly.

It appears that the stuttering in the editor is caused by a Codec issue in Gamecaster. It appears that using my CPU is the culprit and therefore I switched the codec two GPU in Gamecaster! only. After recording small snippets I found that that is my only option untill there is a fix.


Does the same thing happen with the AMD VCE codec even after reinstalling the AMD GPU driver, or checking for updates?

No, The AMD VCE codec does not give the same result. When playing back and express editor no stutter exists unless I change it back to CPU. I have also read on some forums that this may be a chipset driver problem. I will see if there are any available updates and try this again.