Face Tracker - Or Software Zoom (4k cropped to 1080p)

So far I really like VCam - it works great for wireless harnessing the power of mobile cameras.

It would be absolutely wonderful if it were possible to get the full 4k that my phone is capable of, though I totally get that that might create a massive overhead of encoding and possibly bottleneck in sending twice the data over WIFI.

Perhaps the mobile app could pan and crop from the full 4k, but only encode a small square at 1080p, ideally that tracks the user’s face. This would be unbelievably useful, and provide a super sharp image, even if the user were far from the phone’s camera.

Even without the tracking, the ability to pinch and zoom via software from a 4k source down to 1080p would be a phenomenal feature.

Love the software, and really hope you’ll keep adding features to turn your already great experience into one that conferencers just can’t live without!

Thanks for all of the great work!