Facebook Chat widget

I’m having fun with this … BUT:

Facebook chat plug-in: I can see my chat posts in the widget, but no-one else’s.

Can anyone advise as to why this is happening please?

Thanks, Darren

Hi there, first can you make sure you are using the latest plugins? You can update them on Tools > My Plugins.

And, on Facebook Apps & Websites here Redirecting...

Look for XSplit then click on View/Edit and look into what privacy is XSplit set to, make sure it is set to Public or Friends.

Thank you,

I’ve looked at this, signed into xsplit afresh via Facebook, and yet it does not appear in the list of apps.

There is a business integration section where it appears though I’ve tried that and it still doesnt work.

Sorry to hear that the issue persists, may I ask which version of XSplit Broadcaster are you using at the moment? You can check this by going to Help > About of XSplit.

And, if you are already on the latest version go to Tools > My Plugins of XSplit and update all plugins there

plug-ins all up to date

xplit: 4.0.2007.2909

Could you do a test using this PTR version of XSplit Broadcaster and see if same issue happens? Get it here https://www.xsplit.com/ptr


Thanks for this … tried it and again, no comments from others, just my own.

Very frustrating … :-/

Process of elimination, if this works for others, there must be something in my Facebook settings, and yet all seems as it needs to be … I think.

XSplit does not show in my profile apps list though, it shows only in a business configuration list as an app there.

Is this the problem cause, this ^, maybe?

On Business Integrations can you remove XSplit there and relink your Facebook account on XSplit then try again to see if issue persists after doing so?


Thanks for continuing with this :slight_smile:

I’ve done this and watched what happens:

Initially I logged out of the software and then into Facebook via the software … this then lists XSplit in the apps section of my Facebook setting.

However when I then go to set up the ‘Facebook comments’ plug in, the authentication process asks for a fresh sign in, which then moves xsplit into the business integration section.

The plug in then continues to fail for me.

One thing of note though:

Another Facebook plug in that show reactions (hearts, smileys etc) works ok.

Thanks, Darren


My presentation needs to be urgently worked on as using the PTR version has affected some of my design work.

Should I broadcast from here onwards using the PTR version, or delete this now and stick to the original download, awaiting the full update?

I’m also thinking I need to give up on the Facebook widget … I guess for other people it works fine?

Thanks, Darren