Facebook video chat trouble

I cannot seem to get the software to work with video chatting on Facebook it seems to block the software I am currently using Windows 10 64 bit and I’m currently using window chrome.

Hi there, do you get any error message? If yes, could you provide screenshot of the said error when using VCam on your Facebook video call?

Screenshot 2020-11-16 112140

I switched the camera by default in Chrome and then Facebook still wants to use my logictech webcam in the option to switch it is grayed out.

It also seems to let me use the webcam okay when I’m doing a live on Facebook, but not why video chatting it’s so weird. Again, I switched my default webcam and Chrome to the VCam driver it works for other things, but for some reason it’s not working for Facebook.

Is this the new Facebook Rooms video conference feature? Or, the normal messenger video call? Have you also tried using different browser to see if same issue happens? And, could you confirm which version version of VCam are you using?

I’m using the regular Facebook video chat through Messenger. It’s not currently working with chrome I do not have the same problem when I use Firefox. So it appears the problem is just with the Chrome browser.

So is there anything I can do about this?

I encountered this issue in Chrome before. I’m not sure if Chrome looks first for physical webcam source for video calls (even if u already set VCam in Chrome settings), and maybe it says that error because the webcam device is currently being used by VCam.

What I did is - unplugged webcam device -> start the FB call so it will only detect VCam as the camera source -> plug webcam device for VCam to use.