Feature I wish I had... ability to set a delay on game capture

So it’s possible to set a delay on video captured from a camera. And, independantly of that, you can also set a delay on audio being captured. This allows you to 100% get your audio to be in sync with your camera.

But what if you ended up with the oh-so-unfortunate situation where the audio being captured from your game is going through something like voicemeeter (for example), which adds that oh-so-sad 150ms delay to your game audio?

To solve that problem with a camera, you would simply add a 150ms delay to your video, so that the video is lagging by the same amount as the audio.

But that doesn’t work because I’m not talking about the camera. I’m talking about the GAME CAPTURE. And I checked everywhere, and there just doesn’t seem to be an option anywhere to add a delay to any kind of screen capture, window capture, or game capture. So basically, if the game audio is lagging, there is no way to delay the game capture (the video being captured from the game window) to syncronize the video to the lagging audio.

Obviously this technology is already in the software. It already has the ability to delay the 1080p video being captured by my camera. So surely it could also delay the 1080p captured from the game window. I honestly think this would be a super easy feature to add, since all the code is already there and simply waiting for some wonderful programer to gimme.


Plz Xsplit ;p


Hello! That’s a really great feature for us to add into! Definitely post that idea for our devs to look out for here: https://xsplit.featureupvote.com/

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