Feature Request / Question - Gamecaster has a lovely new interface, will broadcaster get a face-lift too?

I love the functionality of broadcaster and all the tools and features it has. After noticing how pretty gamecaster is now, will broadcaster be getting the same?

With this in mind; extensions are more commonly being made to open in new windows now. Is this to enable moving toward a interface-lift?

– SurDaft (Jack Stupple)

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So a couple of things here. Yes, we do plan to slowly but surely update Broadcasters look to be more modern. We’re currently working on some things that allow us to do that and do it more efficiently. Although the primary purpose of this update isn’t so much the aesthetics but more so being able to iteratively improve the user experience.

In terms of extensions, it’s a way that allows us to bolster functionality and add features without requiring app updates and also allows us to update and improve in the same manner too. I hope we can get to a point where extensions can slot in a more native way down the road but we are looking to implement some improvements in the near future that allows previously opened extensions to run on launch.

In addition to that, they will also remember their window position and such. This will be super useful when you’ve positioned everything how you like and find yourself always using the same extensions.

Sweet, I am happy to just know it’s coming. Noted on the primary purpose, it was just the first thing I noticed about the new GameCaster. :slight_smile:

Ah so the window for the extension is the app, within the window though is the plugin files which will be update via the plugin update system?

I didn’t think I would be bothered so much about this until you mention it, that would be a lovely addition.

Thanks for the update @gazreyn - much appreciated. :smiley:

  • SurDaft (Jack Stupple)

If you’d like to find out more about how extensions work, they all utilize our XJS Framework which I’m sure you would have heard of.


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I was actually nosing into that recently so that I could work on an idea or two. :slight_smile:

If you ever have any questions and such, I’m always happy to help. Can use the #xjs-framework channel on Discord too. I tend to write my personal projects in vue, Vue has an amazing CLI tool that can get you up and running in seconds.

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