Feature Request

Please could we change the move-scene function so you can just re-order them rather than having to swap 2 around? Right now, if I create a scene and want to move it to the top whilst keeping all the others in order, I’d literally have to replace it one by one with every other scene I have.

Please can we just drag them to fall in-between others rather than ontop of (and there for replacing) them?

Thanks :slight_smile:

I saw a feature request site for XSplit Broadcaster which has status for the request that everyone can see


Actually, we were just discussing something internally for this and made some preparations for this to be possible. No solid plans or anything but it’s likely we’ll look in to this.

Looked in to it some more, looks like we already have the calls we need to do this. Quickly made an extension that allows you to order scenes in this way

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That’s perfect! How do I access the popup window?

It was something I created. I’ll see if I can package it up and send it you but be warned it’s not an official extension and most likely has bugs

You’ll need to add Scene Manager.html as an extension through the extensions menu


Once added there, you can then open it through the Extensions menu.

WARNING: The extension is home made without much testing. Also if using the XSplit Broadcaster 4.0 or higher, you will need to switch scene after re-ordering for it to update in the main UI