Flickering around edges

I am seeing some noticeable flickering around the edges like the top of my head and around my neck. Are there any settings where I can improve/remove this flickering?

@ken Can you send a screenshot without using a filter?
You need to make sure there’s a high contrast between you and your background.

My be good to try to increase the contrast between yourself and the wall behind you. If your hair color is similar to the wall (or objects) behind you, the app will have a hard time distinguishing.

I’m having the same issue, and I’m extremely pale with very dark hair, so I tried both dark and light uniform backgrounds, but no matter what, there’s more flicker than desirable, especially around my arms and hair when I gesture or angle my arms certain ways.

I am having the flickering and it is real bad around my head. I just did an initial test and was capturing with Cyber link Power Director. Tomorrow I will try using a green screen and adjusting the settings to see if it helps because I cannot use it the way it is right now.

I’m having the same problem - I have three keylights in front of me and a green screen behind, yet my hands and hair flicker like crazy making it unusable.

I literally cannot get any more light in this room (I’ve tried putting extra lamps plus the ceiling light on, with no success), nor can I move the green screen any closer to the back of my chair. Is there anything else I can try? I just want to be able to achieve the neat ‘cut out’ that the Xsplit advice videos show!

You can check this link for some guidelines : How to sharpen the face of presenter in a virtual background?

We will have an improvement for the segmentation of the hands and other objects in a new version.

Hi all! We’ve just rolled out our 2.0 Beta version with improved background removal AI. You can try enabling the Adaptive Filter option which improves the segmentation of hands and objects. May also help by trying out different hardware acceleration settings and setting quality to highest.

You can find the 2.0 installer here VCam 2.0 Beta is here! 2x Improved AI / Hardware Driver Installation / Image and Video Background Configuration.

This beta looks nice. It does do a better job at the edges. It also does a much better job in chair removeal. I did find one issue. One I close the cover on my webcam, the older version did a perfect job on just displaying my background. But this version does a really bad job. Now you see a “mostly” black screen with parts of the background image peeking through.

@ken I was able to replicate this by covering the camera lens with my hand (will investigate this). What I did is click the refresh icon or select “remove background” and the black blob is removed. Please try this and let me know how it goes.

Wow, what a difference with 2.0!! All my artifacts are gone.


I got a message that there was a update. I clicked on update and the installer failed and the app is now having issues. I tried to re-download the beta from the link in this thread but got an access denied. How can I re-download the beta?

ok im having noticible flickering as well and my head disappears into the photo im using as a background experiment only trying to fix the problem… i cant seem to download any beta… help would be great

You should be able to download the beta/PTR from https://www.xsplit.com/vcam/ptr - Is this not the case?