Flickering around edges

I am seeing some noticeable flickering around the edges like the top of my head and around my neck. Are there any settings where I can improve/remove this flickering?

@ken Can you send a screenshot without using a filter?
You need to make sure there’s a high contrast between you and your background.

My be good to try to increase the contrast between yourself and the wall behind you. If your hair color is similar to the wall (or objects) behind you, the app will have a hard time distinguishing.

I’m having the same issue, and I’m extremely pale with very dark hair, so I tried both dark and light uniform backgrounds, but no matter what, there’s more flicker than desirable, especially around my arms and hair when I gesture or angle my arms certain ways.

I am having the flickering and it is real bad around my head. I just did an initial test and was capturing with Cyber link Power Director. Tomorrow I will try using a green screen and adjusting the settings to see if it helps because I cannot use it the way it is right now.