Fonts dissapper

Hi all

I have a problem with Xsplit Broadcaster.
I have installed some fonts, but they disappear in Xsplit and I have to reinstall them in order to use them in Xsplit.

I don’t need to do this in other programs such wordpad.

Can anyone help?

Hi! XSplit Broadcaster has encountered some compatibility problems with certain fonts. Which fonts are you attempting to use that are disappearing?

Hi Batolomew

The fonts I am trying to use are

We’ll check with the devs if there are problems with those specific fonts. Just to clarify further:

  • Is there a specific trigger to them disappearing, i.e. removing/re-adding the Text source or restarting XSplit Broadcaster?
  • After you reinstall the fonts, are they selectable and displaying as normal in XSplit Broadcaster?

Let’s also check if you’re on the current version of XSplit Broadcaster. What version number does it show from your Help > About window?

Thank you for your help :slight_smile:

Yes, there is a trigger. The fonts disappear from Xsplit when I restart my PC.

Yes, they are selectable like normal when I reinstall. Any text which are set to using these fonts will automatically re-apply said fonts when I reinstall them.

I have added a screenshot of my about window.

Does the same thing happen if you use those fonts with the PTR version instead, with its changed Text source?

I just tried the PTR version, and the issue persists :frowning:

After you restart the PC, are the fonts also working in apps other than XSplit Broadcaster? Just to rule out if it’s happening specifically with this app.

Please also send us a copy of the fonts, we’ll see if we’re able to replicate the problem. If the files won’t attach to a post here, you can send us a Dropbox or Google Drive link instead.

The fonts still work in other programs such as wordpad, gimp, paint and notepad.

I have added the fonts to my google drive, you can get them via the link below

I’ve just tested it on my end and the fonts still stay in XSplit Broadcaster, even after restarting the PC.

Is your XSplit Broadcaster installed in its default C:\ location, or is it in another drive?

I found the error and the fix!
Fix: when installing, right click the file and choose the icon with the windows shield which says install for all users.

The problem was the fonts never installed properly, as they never showed up in the true view of
\localhost\c$\Windows\Fonts and so they never got registered in HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\Software\Microsoft\Windows NT\CurrentVersion\Fonts

For some reason other programs could still use the fonts and windows would ask me to reinstall the font despite not being in the registry

That is great to know that you were able to find the fix for this on your end!