Founders License

Im new to xsplit products
I just bought a logitech C922 Pro webcam and I got 3 months of Xsplit premium license,…

I was going through Xsplit gamecaster and a popup came and asked me to claim the founders license… and I claimed it…

So now can anyone tell me wot is the use of founders license…

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Hi there! Congratulations on your new webcam :slight_smile:

The Founder’s license is a Gamecaster V4-exclusive license given to those who are using the app while in open beta. Having a Gamecaster V4 founder’s license allows you to use the app with no license restrictions for life.

Once Gamecaster is ready to leave open beta and certain features limitations begin to apply (i.e. some features will only be available when you have a premium license), then those with the Founder’s License won’t have to worry about that anymore.

It’s basically like having a lifetime premium license for Gamecaster V4 :smiley:

Should you have any other questions , feel free to let us know anytime!


Hello Lorenzo: I have similar question about “founder’s license” . Ok so I downloaded the Beta version of gamecaster and I too clicked on the ‘claim the founders license’. But my profile says my Premium license expires in 2021. Where is my life time license?? How do i get it? iI have snapshot if you need to see it.

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Good day to you again, Skikatbish!

Okay i understand. Yes please a screenshot would be great :slight_smile:

The founder’s license should apply to all those using Gamecaster during open beta. Let’s see what’s showing up on there.

Also let’s do a little test if you don’t mind. If you have an alternative email address, please use that for Gamecaster as well, (it’s fine if it’s a free account) then let’s see if you’ll get the Founder’s license for that one too.

Let us know how that goes. We’ll be right here.

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