FPS Drop when Xsplit broadcaster is running


I have a problem with falling fps in xsplit, I use the settings of 1920x1080 60 fps from the month of the month I have the frame in the lower left corner shows even on an empty stage how the fps drops from 60/60 to 45/60 until 30/60 and after a while they return to 60 / 60. I will try to show a video with this problem.I restored the system and unfortunately after installing all driver updates the problem returned.

Processor: Intel Core i5-7300HQ
VGA: NVIDIA GeForce GTX 1050 4GB
OS : Windows 10

Hi! We’re unable to view the embedded YouTube video, it shows that it’s set to private.

Regarding the problem you described, though: Does the video itself show any lag or stutter when the frame rate in the corner lowers like that? Does it show a reduced frame rate in the saved stream or recording?

Sorry my fault has already made public, When streaming and fps starts to drop from 60 to 30 the video becomes less smooth, as if it goes back to 30 fps when it goes back to 60 it’s good quality again and again and again. I checked on another transmission program and I do not have such a problem but I do not want to change it because I am very close to xsplit. I will add that I tried to enter in a non-standard fps 120 and then it remains 60/60 but with such settings you can not stream on YT

Please send us a screenshot of your YouTube Live Properties from XSplit Broadcaster first, we’ll check if you may need to adjust anything in the stream settings.

Everything looks alright so far based on those stream settings. What specific games (or other sources) are you streaming when the FPS lowers like that?

I use cam link 4k but it has nothing to do, as you can see these fps are falling with an empty stage, as in the film and scr, so this is a defect of the program that apparently does not work after updating the windows

Does the problem still happen after you reinstall the updated NVIDIA driver for your GTX 1050? (Make sure to restart after it updates or reinstalls).


Yes, but they keep falling

How about if you change the Video processing mode to Prefer CPU or Legacy in XSplit Broadcaster’s advanced settings?

Aside from that, also try using x264 as the codec instead of NVENC, in the YouTube Live Properties.

thanks for the awesome information.