FPS dropping in XSplit after update


I’ve been using XSplit Broadcaster to stream on YouTube live for months without any issues, on 1920x1080, 60fps, and around 6.5k bitrate. However, since the newest update, there is a severe frame drop - not just when I’m live on YouTube, but also when XSplit Broadcaster is open and showing the game. I didn’t change any of my game or streaming settings. Is this something on your end or I need to tweak anything? Any help would be appreciated!

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I had the same issue with the update. I was streaming to Facebook, YouTube, and doing a local recording without any problems before the new update. I chatted with their tech about it and got nowhere fast. His only answer was that my driver was out of date until I showed him that it wasn’t. After about 4 hours of chatting, I finally gave up and just reverted to an older update.

Same issue with streaming to Twitch. Worked perfect before this latest update, now, terrible.