Fps trouble apex legends

Hello. My fps locked at 18-20. Changing resolution and decoding (x264, nvenc) dont make sense, also dont make sense low graphic game settings. Apex legends, ryzen 5 3600x, geforce 1660ti, upload speed 96mbps, trying youtube.

OBS solved this problem. Rly idk why its happens with xsplit

Hello there! Sorry to hear about the issue you have experienced, the FPS that you mentioned is this in-game or what shown in XSplit or stream/recodring? Could you provide us a screenshot of the said FPS?

And, screenshot of your XSplit Broadcaster General and Advanced tab in Tools > Settings.

Also, the game you added using game capture in XSplit can you right click on it and provide us a screen shot of the settings there?

Hi. FPS on stream.

Thank you for that! On the General tab can you disable/uncheck In-Game HUD

Then send us a screenshot of your stream settings, as you mentioned that the FPS issue only appear in stream.

This means that your in-game FPS works just fine correct? During your stream what was your CPU and GPU usage?

I got the solution for stream Apex Legends without any issue (or any other game).

Right click on “Game Autodetect” source and select “Game FPS cap” and set at 30-60 FPS.

Enjoy :slight_smile: