Frequent VCAM hangs in Windows 10

VCAM hangs on me about a half-dozen times per day. It will be working fine, and then the video freezes. The typical application is Google Meets through Firefox. Kill off the (multiple) vcam processes in the task manager, turn off video, turn on video, and everything works for a little while. Sometimes it lasts ten minutes, sometimes it will fix it for a few hours. When I have to create a batch script to kill off the process because I need it so often, you’ve got a serious problem.

When I first bought vcam a few months back, this never happened, so there were some regressions introduced a few months ago which is breaking things in a bad way. I thought it was my webcam (which was a Logitech C920), just bought a Logitech Brio, and it’s hanging with this camera as well.

Uninstalled, reinstalled. No change. I’ve tried deleting the cefcache folder as mentioned in another thread.

Is xsplit aware of this issue? And what steps are being taken to fix it? What’s the ETA on the fix?


EDIT: More information.

i7-4790k. 32gb ram. Fast M.2 drive. Integrated graphics HD4600. Windows Pro 10.0.19041. VCAM 2.0.2011.1701, FE 2.0.2011.1608, Driver 1.0.2009.1502.

Hi! Just to rule out if the problem’s specific to the current version: Try uninstalling that one first, then reinstall using this previous build of VCam.

Thanks for checking this out. Will try that link, thanks.

Hi @keith, please contact our support team via chat in We’d like to get logs and dump file to investigate the freezing issue.

Hi @keith

Please try the latest version. We had a user confirmed that the freezing and multiple VCam windows issue is fixed using VCam 2.0.2011.1701. Let us know how it goes.

Download the latest version in

@xsplit-brian the earlier version crashes much less frequently than the latest. The problem is, however, that when vers 2 crashes, at least there’s a process in task manager to kill and recover. The older version requires a reboot. Vcam will refuse to start up with 1.2 and then you’re dead in the water.

@cheesyrambo I appreciate you trying to help, but how is the version you’re suggesting different from what I was already running? Is there a newer build or version?

I can try collecting logs, but here’s the problem. I’m on business calls when vcam breaks. It already disrupts the meetings. I’m busy killing processes and restarting video with the hope of just continuing my call normally. Trying to avoid looking like an idiot when I work in the tech field but can’t keep my video reliably running.

Hi @keith

Apologies for the late reply. We have a new VCam version (2.1.2102.1003) available in . We made some updates on VCam core build, as well as other improvements (Pause camera, additional image adjustments, fixes). Hope you can try the latest version and check if your hang/freeze issue is resolved.

If the issue persists, can you please send us the following? Would be great if you can send the files to our support team via chat in

Please make sure too that your Windows and GPU drivers are updated.

Thanks and regards.

I have the exact same problem, altho i am in windows 11. I have 2 cameras, the default laptop webcam and a usb HD cam. the laptop webcam never crashes, but the USB webcam often freezes… seems to be external cams that are plugged in. and i have tried multiple versions of xsplit, still happens.