Game video locking up occasionally only while streaming


When I am streaming, I get occasional video freezes and locks up for a brief moment on the captured game video. This only happens with the game I’m capturing, not webcam, or any other source, and only while I’m streaming. Lockups do not occur when off stream or when recording locally.

First thinking this could be an internet connection issue, I have attempted to adjust bitrates for video and audio. No changes to any settings have reduced or eliminated this lockup. My upload speeds are 40+Mbps. Finally, I am connected to the Twitch server nearest to my location, and can get a consistent 6000 bitrate during tests and while streaming. So, I strongly believe this is not an internet connection issue.

I have also made sure that all hardware and software is up to date. I am using an Elgato HD60 S capturing console gameplay only. Video freeze occurs on both Xbox and PS4 systems and is on the XSplit software side only - game freeze does not happen on gameplay. Audio seems unaffected, and only the captured game video. Webcam and other sources are unaffected. Also, there are zero frame drops according to XSplit. Additionally, neither CPU nor GPU are taxed while streaming. XSplit reports GPU running at most 70% usage.

I have also tried loading a scene with only the captured game video and my microphone. No other sources. Game video still occasionally locks up.

I have done all that I know how to do. Please help me with this, as I really like using XSplit to stream. Other streaming software has been more frustrating, and other than this particular issue, I’ve been very happy with XSplit as my streaming software. Thank you very much!

-The Krimson Dragon