Gamecaster Accounts - Won't update username change

Hi All

New to setting up gamecaster and restream, managed to get it working and linked myFacebook game page and also Twitch account to multistream.

When i initially setup restream i put nickname as jonburnie an saved settings so this transferred over to accounts in gamecaster but then i logged into restream and changed nickname to my gamertag and streampage name Th3cleric71.

Problem i have its changed fine in Restream but won’t change in Gamecaster and i can’t find anywhere to unlink my Restream account so i can relink to update correct nickname. Any ideas have added picture can anyone help to get Gamecaster to refresh Restream nick name.

Cheers in advance


Hi! When you go to Manage Accounts on that screen, it opens up a tab in the XSplit website under your account settings. You can disconnect/reconnect accounts from there.

Hi cheers for reply

I Checked there was first place I checked and there is no option to discount Facebook and Twitch no problem you get option, restream you don’t.

Any other suggeztions


There are two tabs for that one. i think Restream is under the Secondary accounts

Nope m8, checked there as well also on restream itself, also everywhere on game aster nothing to remove like others.

Is it because of partnership, we need something to refresh or remove and relink accounts with game aster like we can with twitch, Facebook etc

Any more ideas guys

Right now restream won’t show under accounts. Instead, we recommend going in to your scenes and switching out {{username}} texts to your desired name.

Cheers I knew I could do that, will the option be implemented soon as would be so much easier


There’s No ETA on that.