Gamecaster causes severe input lag and stuttering

Hi - Tried streaming with Gamecaster last night with Modern Warfare, and got extreme input lag and stuttering, Reverted back to OBS and recieved no issues, I have minimum specs easily, so not sure why this happens:

Edit: Cannot input links to the post to showcase this, but the games unplayable with Gamecaster

Gamecaster settings:
Ingest Server: Best Match
Resolution: 720p HD
Codec: Nvidia NVENC (Uses dGPU)
Frame Rate: 30
Bitrate: 5000
Resolution: 720p HD
Codec: Nvidia Nvenc (Uses dGPU)
Frame Rate: 30
Quality: High
Split Recordings: Enabled - 15 mins
Multi-Track Audio: Enabled
Enable In-game HUD: Enabled

System Specs:
i7 6700k @ 4Ghz
32GB DDR4 Ram
Nvidia 2070 Super RTX 8GB
500gb NVME Drive

Any ideas?

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I am encountering the same issue with my Gamecaster setup version 4.0.2001.2003. I have a gaming laptop also with Gamecaster and before it ran its update (in application) it was running what I thought was version 4.0.2001.27##, Downloaded the latest version from XSplit and it downloads 4.0.2001.2003. I have an old installer for version 3.3.1805.0406, and even that version is severely lagging now. Been using gamecaster for at least 6+ months with no issues and sometime around last Thursday (March 19) every game I attempt to play while GameCaster is open there is severe FPS loss (about 15) and some games won’t even launch. Had uninstalled and re-installed this software at least 4 times now, reboot at each uninstall and after each install.

For example, I am playing Final Fantasy XIII. If I have Gamecaster launched before launching game, the game launches fine but cut scenes and the fps counter/readout from Gamecaster’s control panel show I am down to 13-17 FPS. If I alt+tab to Desktop, close Gamecaster, return to Final Fantasy XIII, everything is back to normal. I have a backup streaming software I use (NVidia Shadowplay), but I prefer to use Gamecaster cause the tools are better.

I am also trying to stream VR and again if Gamecaster is open, VR lags, studders, etc. before I have any game open. As soon as I close out Gamecaster, VR was smooth, perfect.

I am still testing Gamecaster XSplit on my gaming laptop and am working with XSplit tech support.

Have you ever found an answer ?

So we’ve been working on a fix for this. It tends to happen when using mice with high polling rates (like 500/1000Mhz) - Using lower values should reduce/remove the issue. Anyway, we’ve made some fixes internally which solves the issue but we’re still working on some additional problems that exist.

I’m also having the same issue when streaming COD: Modern Warfare.

Ryzen 5 2600
16GB Ram
RX580 8GB

Since the last update, I experience severe frame drops. I’m getting 140 fps in game but when I stream it drags down to 50-60. It’s literally unplayable as it stutter all all the time. Is there any fix on this?


I am having the exact same problem. The game I’m playing is League of Legends. It wasn’t happening before. It just started yesterday.

Okay this is strange, we pushed out an update a couple of weeks ago that should have eliminated this issue. The fact it’s just started happening is the weird thing I think. Any windows or driver updates that could have impacted?

Hi Gaz

I haven’t had Xsplit installed since I posted this… It really is a deal breaker when it comes to using xsplit :unamused:

These are my thoughts as to why it happens.

The way the recording is done, Hogs a huge amount of GPU resources.
Perhaps the hook used to capture hasn’t been optimised.
Generally when Frames drop, It’s because the system can’t handle the load, so if it isn’t one of the above reasons, perhaps plugins or overlays that people use?

Now saying this, One thing I have noticed with Nvidia geforce for example, Is when you allow for their overlays that alter sharpness/brightness/details etc… It also drops your framerate, albeit not as much as Xsplit.

Which leads to perhaps the method used for overlays, which I believe is CEF…

Not sure what HWInfo or Rivatuner statistics use to output the overlays, as they haven’t been updated in a long long time, but there isn’t any noticeable frame drops, so perhaps it could be down to the version of CEF?

Another possibility is using Hardware acceleration in CEF has known issues that cause performance loss, Which is why OBS disables it.

These are ramblings, but hopefully may help, I plan on returning to Xsplit again, Just at the time with the frame drops it’s impossible to play anything and record.

I have same issue, using XSplit and elGato HD60 S+ have a input lag and only rates to 4fps… I’m going to use OBS sadly, anyone have any solution for this?

I experienced that problem. I found out by disabling VSync/Enhanced Sync (Radeon) solved the problem.
Do you have any VSync settings turned on (adaptive/enhanced sync)? Disable it for the meantime and observe.