Gamecaster causes severe input lag and stuttering

Hi - Tried streaming with Gamecaster last night with Modern Warfare, and got extreme input lag and stuttering, Reverted back to OBS and recieved no issues, I have minimum specs easily, so not sure why this happens:

Edit: Cannot input links to the post to showcase this, but the games unplayable with Gamecaster

Gamecaster settings:
Ingest Server: Best Match
Resolution: 720p HD
Codec: Nvidia NVENC (Uses dGPU)
Frame Rate: 30
Bitrate: 5000
Resolution: 720p HD
Codec: Nvidia Nvenc (Uses dGPU)
Frame Rate: 30
Quality: High
Split Recordings: Enabled - 15 mins
Multi-Track Audio: Enabled
Enable In-game HUD: Enabled

System Specs:
i7 6700k @ 4Ghz
32GB DDR4 Ram
Nvidia 2070 Super RTX 8GB
500gb NVME Drive

Any ideas?

I am encountering the same issue with my Gamecaster setup version 4.0.2001.2003. I have a gaming laptop also with Gamecaster and before it ran its update (in application) it was running what I thought was version 4.0.2001.27##, Downloaded the latest version from XSplit and it downloads 4.0.2001.2003. I have an old installer for version 3.3.1805.0406, and even that version is severely lagging now. Been using gamecaster for at least 6+ months with no issues and sometime around last Thursday (March 19) every game I attempt to play while GameCaster is open there is severe FPS loss (about 15) and some games won’t even launch. Had uninstalled and re-installed this software at least 4 times now, reboot at each uninstall and after each install.

For example, I am playing Final Fantasy XIII. If I have Gamecaster launched before launching game, the game launches fine but cut scenes and the fps counter/readout from Gamecaster’s control panel show I am down to 13-17 FPS. If I alt+tab to Desktop, close Gamecaster, return to Final Fantasy XIII, everything is back to normal. I have a backup streaming software I use (NVidia Shadowplay), but I prefer to use Gamecaster cause the tools are better.

I am also trying to stream VR and again if Gamecaster is open, VR lags, studders, etc. before I have any game open. As soon as I close out Gamecaster, VR was smooth, perfect.

I am still testing Gamecaster XSplit on my gaming laptop and am working with XSplit tech support.