Gamecaster Not Streaming to Twitch

Hi! I have a lifetime membership to XSplit and I am trying to stream live to Twitch on XSplit Gamecaster. However, every time I select “stream” and try to go live, my Twitch feed shows an error occurring and I am unable to go live. I enabled two factor authentication after being locked out of my Twitch for 10 minutes due to this. I have restarted my computer, updated everything pertaining to XSplit Broadcaster/Gamecaster, rebooted my internet, signed in/out of Twitch on Gamecaster, checked my virus protection software, pretty much everything else you can imagine. Also, once I “Go Live” on Twitch, it still says I am live on my actual channel and a channel I was auto hosting superseded my ability to stream. I went on the Discord and it sounds like a few other people were having these issues also. Please advise, thanks for your time!!

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