Gamecaster sadly deleted all my scenes

As I wrote in the title gamecaster after required update, don’t show my overlays, any notifications from twitch rewards path. I don’t know is it global or is it just me, but it would be nice if somebody would like to help me out.

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I have the same issue.
I streamed two days ago and everything was working.
I wanted to stream again today, but I was not able to.

First thing I noticed, Gamecaster asked for login. So I logged in, then there were no scenes, and all my sets were deleted.
Second, I though I just had some issue so I closed gamecaster and opened again.
It again asked for login (via twitch, youtube, facebook, no xsplit account tho?).
Third thing, I just went with it and tried to get the scenes back from themes, but there is some error and only retry button.
Fourth reward is only loading, just as in the picture OP posted.

So I think it might be global issue.

While I am in the community is there any user profile folder, where are all the sets, settings, scenes and transitions? So I could backup for future?

I am sorry this is not helpful reply, I just wanted to add to the issue.


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I just read in another post that gamecaster is separated and we should point our question via discord.

I checked it and there is more people with the same issue.

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Thanks alot!
Hopefully we will find solution to that!

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Hi again,
Not sure if you have joined the DC server, but I will post this here for future reference or another lost soul.

You might have some luck renaming your %appdata%/Gamecaster/cefcache folder to _backup and trying again.

For me this worked. Renamed cefcache to cefcacke_backup and my scenes and all are back.


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