Games unplayable when XSplit is running on high performance PC

Hi all.

I’ve just installed XSplit Broadcaster, on an almost freshly formatted PC, but I’m having severe performance issues that I’ve been unable to resolve. With XSplit open (jjust open, not even broadcasting), my game is unplayable - its the game is extremely laggy and its almost as if some mouse inputs are being missed. Even the game menu is laggy with Xsplit open.

The PC is relatively high spec and performance monitor shows its not being taxed, so I can’t understand where the bottleneck is. Has anyone heard of similar issues? I’ve searched around and found some people with an identical problem but no clear resolution.


CPU: Intel i9-9980XE 3Ghz
RAM: 32GB Quad Channel HyperX™ DDR4 XMP 2933MHz (4x8GB)
GFX: Dual NVIDIA RTX 2080 Ti OC graphics with 11GB GDDR6

Okay one question at least, what game? Or does it happen in all games? One that I’ve noticed some people get issues on is Call of Duty: Modern Warfare

  • Try disabling hotkeys and see if this fixes the issue of mouse inputs being skippd/missed

  • You mention that you get the issue even if it’s just XSplit Broadcaster open. Could you try disabling game source from general settings and see if this stops the performance issues just having Broadcaster open

Hi gazreyn,

Thanks for the reply. The particular game where this problem is very evident is Last Oasis. I have just tried your two suggestions (disabling hotkeys and disabling game source), but it did not resolve the issue. I also tried with Rust - and I’m not seeing the same kind of issues. I will try with a few other games. But, Streamlabs OBS did not have any issue at all with Last Oasis, so its very curious.

The thing is, before joining an actual game, at the menu screen, the lag is evident. For example, hovering the mouse over a menu option highlights it… So if I take my mouse and move it quickly across the menu options, you see them all briefly highlight. If I open XSplit and do this same action (move the mouse quickly across the menu options) some of the menu options will not highlight, presumably due to the lag. But I can clearly see in performance monitor that CPU and GPU utilisation is minimal.

I do have a support ticket open but it was transferred to the devs as the initial troubleshooting did not identify the cause. I was curious to see if anyone else had experienced anything like this before.

Okay, I see the game is new too. Just looked at it, this game sounds awesome might have to check it out.

It’s good fun now they’ve got the servers stabilised! They had chronic issues at launch!!

Did you manage to try other games to see if it persists?

@Ross Just bumping this again, were you able to see if you get similar issues in other games?

Hi gazreyn

Sorry for the delay. At the moment, I have not been able to reproduce these performance issues with other games (so far I have tried Rust and Left 4 Dead 2). So it does seem isolated to Last Oasis.

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