Gc is Freezing like crazy

Everything was working great but recently i had to update the application and thats when the problems started, When i open Gamecaster it will log in to my account and then everything starts to freeze, task manager says Gamecaster is not responding and all i get is a black screen on the app, i tried setting it to windows 7 in compatibility mode and it goes a little further down actually showing the interface and some of the users who subbed but then starts not responding again. I also tried revo deleted all the files, when i reinstall the app everything goes fine it runs really nice until i pair the app with my account, it indicates everything was successful and then restarts but on the load again it will just freeze and stay stuck at a black screen.

Any help would be appreciated

Hi! Just to make sure: Are you still running XSplit Gamecaster? If you are, try uninstalling it first then reinstalling using the Gamecaster installer from here:

Hey i just wanted to mention that i fixed my issue, i have tried reinstalling but that didnt work, for this perticular issue i deleted the linked account in the twitch browser and changed my gpu to an nvidia model i had laying around. Im not entirely sure what fixed it but its back now. Thank you for your help

Glad to know that it’s fixed!