GC will no longer launch

Hi there,

I recently download Gamecaster to give it a try to see if I would like to purchase a subscription. Long story short, I did purchase a sub, but for some inexplicable reason the client will no longer launch. I’ve uninstalled (after which I cleaned up my registry), reinstalled, and still nothing. I’ve checked Task Manager for any kind of conflicting services or processes and have come up empty. If anyone has had a similar experience and is able to help, I’d be most appreciative. Thanks in advance!

Hi there, are you still encountering the said issue? Do you get any error when you launch XSplit Gamecaster? And, does it get stuck on loading and does it appear in the Task Manager list?

I am, unfortunately. Even when I run as Administrator, the most that I get is the activity wheel on the mouse for ~3-5 seconds, and then the entire system acts as if nothing had happened. No error message appears. No new services, programs, or processes appear in Task Manager, nor is anything relegated to the background.

At first I had thought that I was just being dumb and overlooking something in the icon tray, but nothing appears there either.

Other troubleshooting steps I tried included disabling both the Xbox Overlay and Game Mode (even though the later is just performance enhancements); uninstalling Xcam entirely because I thought it may be a conflicting runtime; trying to run it in Safe Mode; and even trying to launch it in Win7/8 Compatability mode.

It’s frustrating for sure, especially since the entire suite worked flawlessly during the trial period.

Thanks for the reply. I hope you’re able to help or offer some guidance.

We can check first if there are any drivers you might need to update or reinstall. Please send us your MSINFO32: