General Purpose Clock

I cannot seem to get the general purpose clock working. I have followed many tutorials and and sure I am setting it up correctly; however, the general purpose clock is not working. I create a new text source, then check the box for Use Custom Script and then go to Edit Script and simply click on the General Purpose Clock for the template.The click on the button Update Text. the text source remains blank.

Can you please advise?


Thank you for reaching out to us, first can you make sure that on XSplit Broadcaster Tools > My Plugins all plugins are up to date? May I also ask what version of XSplit are you using?

If the issue persists even after updating the plugins, go to Tools > Settings > Advanced tab and uncheck Browser Special Optimization then apply changes.

Then re-add your Text source and see if it is working now

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Updating all the plugins worked! Thank you so much!

This did fix it. But as I only installed Xsplit on my machine yesterday and doing the plug-in update this morning fixed it. Can I suggest that the install forces a plug-in update?

That’s great to know that is now working on your end, with regards to @jthake feedback I advise posting it directly here

Hello, I am having the same problem where my text is seemingly invisible. I have updated all plugins but this didn’t fix anything. Is there something I am doing wrong? I cannot get basic text to show up either.


If app and plugins are all up to date, can you go for updating your graphics card and see if that sorts it?

Alternatively, you can also go to Broadcaster’s Advanced settings (Tools > Settings > Advanced tab) and then disable the option Browser Source Special Optimization.

That fixed it! Thanks so much!

Glad to hear it! If you run into anything else, feel free to post a new one :slight_smile: