Getting green screen blead through after the update

Using a green screen, and after the latest update I am getting the green screen belled into the image. Kinda a green hallow between the background and subject. This started with 2.0.2010.2901

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Hi! Please send a video or screenshot of the green screen problem in VCam, we’ll see what might be causing that.

See the attached sample

We’ll check if VCam might be having problems with your silhouette against the surroundings. Send us a screenshot of the same window but with VCam set to the Original background.

Here you go


It looks like it may need some optimization with the lighting – preferably have a light source above you or in front. Is the rest of the room (behind the green screen) also in the frame for the webcam, or is VCam removing just your green screen from the background?

We recommend the Getting the Best Results section of our Getting Started guide:

Same problem here with an actual green screen. It’s definitely not a lighting problem because Zoom handles the same green screen perfectly. VCam, OTOH, seems completely lost. XSplit definitely needs to work on physical green screen support, because right now it’s literally awful.

Update: I found a solution. Use OBS with the OBS Virtualcam plugin. This basically allows you to pipe OBS’ chroma key output video to a virtual camera you can then use with any application.

Gotta say, Xsplit not having this feature as a paid product is pretty disappointing, to say the least.