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If you’re new to the app then this is a great place to hang out! Talk about all things XSplit Gamecaster. From connecting with an account to understanding how to edit Scenes, we go in depth throughout.

Getting Started

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)




FAQ: How do I link another streaming account?

Currently, XSplit Gamecaster allows you to only link one streaming account per platform at a time. What does this mean exactly? You can have one Twitch account and one Facebook account linked, but no more. You cannot have multiple Twitch accounts, for example.

We are working on changing this behaviour, but for now please head to

FAQ: My stream or game is lagging. Why?

There are a whole number of reasons why you may experience laggy gameplay or a choppy stream. From poor hardware to the wrong settings, you name it and we’ve probably dealt with it!

NOTE: This FAQ is still a work in progress.

Does your hardware meet the minimum requirements?

Streaming can be resource intensive. If you’re running on older hardware you’ll typically find XSplit Gamecaster and other applications act as a resource hog. If there’s little to play with, it’ll play with everything.

Check out the System Requirements.

Are your graphics drivers and other drivers up-to-date?

The latest drivers will help ensure you’re not running on anything archaic and provide you with the best performance improvements.

Have you configured your settings correctly?

Whilst Gamecaster does its best to optimise your settings for you, sometimes a few tweaks here and there can make a world of difference, especially given the uniqueness of each set-up.

  • Codec: generally we recommend NVIDIA’s NVENC or AMD’s VCE, if either are available. This uses your GPU, which is usually underutilised, to compress and transcode your individual sources into one single output. On the other end of the spectrum we have x264. This utilises your CPU which, when streaming, can easily become overutilised and hence create lag, sluggishness and a bad experience.

FAQ: How do I enable Tipping?

Tipping is currently experimental, but to start actively using simply go to Settings and navigate to the Tipping tab. From here you’ll be able to set a username, input your PayPal email address and select the currency you wish to receive donations in.

XSplit Gamecaster has plenty of tipping related widgets available within every Theme, so make sure to add some alerts, labels, goals and a train to maximise your income!