Google hangout failure

hey guys…

I’ve been unable to get xsplit vcam working with google hangouts, if I have the xsplit software open google hangout fails to find the camera and if I don’t it’s not on option i nthe drop down like the instructions states



Hey, we were looking in to something similar yesterday. Could you by any chance try out something like Firefox and let me know if you see the same issues on Hangouts?

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Any updates? Same issue here.

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So we’re working on a longer term solution where rather than using virtual camera, we’ll be using a different method where it will act more like a virtual camera. The bug/issue only seems to occur on Google Chrome (and probably other users that are based on Chrome) right now so I don’t think there’s much we can do about it at this moment in time. However, if you could try out Firefox browser and let me know if you see the same issues there.


It still doesn’t work with Chrome but with Firefox. But the quality of cam (Logitech stream cam) and background is really bad. I’m disappointed because I bought a license for nearly 50 $ today, expecting, that it works properly. But it doesn’t. The “available” backgrounds disappear as soon as one selects them as background. Info of xsplit: Picture is not longer available…

I use several background pictures in high quality which work wonderfully in Zoom. But the xsplit stream as camera source is really awful.

What a pity!

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Our VCam 2.0 Beta version is now available for download :

For problems with applications not discovering VCam as a camera, please try to install the hardware driver. Make sure to restart the browser or application after installing the new version.
And using VCam in zoom should now use 720p resolution (Just make sure to enable the “HD” setting in Zoom).

NOTE: Before installing the 2.0 hardware driver, we recommend uninstalling 1.2 version first.

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In 2.0, we have migrated the backgrounds list to registry, and have fixed an issue with default backgrounds not downloaded when One Drive is enabled. Please try it out, hopefully this fixes the backgrounds issue you’ve encountered.

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I’m getting the same issue, both with VCam 1.X and 2.X PTR

Hi! Which browser are you using to open Google Hangouts with VCam?

I’m using Firefox. I have Chormium installed just to solve this at the moment, but I’d like it to work on Firefox. Hoping it’s not Google worsening their product experience on other browsers…

Hi there, arguser!

I understand that the issue was resolved when you used Google Chrome, is that correct?

If yes, i’m glad that did it. :slight_smile: I understand you would like it so that it would work properly on Firefox as well. We did notice users reporting errors when using browsers like Firefox and Opera. It’s possibly a compatibility issue, especially that Google hangout is owned by Google (who owns Chrome :smiley: )

We’ll be here if you have additional questions and concerns.

I didn’t resolve the issue since relying on other browser is not actually solving the issue. Is there any way to debug or get logs from Firefox/Google Meet to know why I’m not getting Xsplit VCam listed?

I have Logitech Capture installed and it doesn’t get listed either.