Gradual audio/video desync

I’ve just started streaming using xsplit Broadcaster. When the stream begins, everything is in sync an working perfectly, but as the stream goes on the video gradually gets delayed more and more. I started the stream with an audio delay of 150ms, but by the end of the stream we had the audio delay set to 5500ms just to get it close, but at that level it was nearly impossible to get it just right.

I’m running a Nikon d3400 through elgato Cam Link 4k for video and Blue Yeti microphone for audio streaming from a dell xps 13 running win10 to YouTube.

So the blue yeti is set to be the microphone device in XSplit Broadcaster. The 150ms delay you mention, is this 150ms delay manually added or do you mean it’s just delayed by that much to start with? Also what’s the exact version of XSplit Broadcaster you’re using?

For your microphone, try and see if setting it to the same sample rate as XSplit is set to would help (Automatic in XSplit sets itself to 48k iirc).

A long time I go I was able to solve a similar issue by hooking up our microphone, or in that case an audio mixer’s output directly into the camera. We were using a Canon C300 so it had it’s own mic/line inputs. That way the camera handled the mixing and we took both audio and video from it.

Yes, we started with a 150ms delay set manually since the video feed from the DSLR is a little slow to begin with since its going through the camlink. But as the stream went on we had to constantly adjust the manual audio delay to keep it close to the video on the stream.

It’s probably worth noting that the audio preview was perfect coming from the xsplit software, but when we watched the stream from another computer on youtube the audio was way ahead of the video. Thats when we started adjusting the manual delay, up to 5500ms.

I’m on xsplit version 3.9.1912.1002

Hmmm that’s kind of the reverse of what I experienced. Software preview was going out of sync but the stream was always good.

Any chance you can share a link to that stream? Even when the stream ended and YouTube “finalized” the stream for VOD, it was still out of sync on playback?

Yes, the finalized video still has the syncing issues. Here’s two videos.

This first link was from a couple weeks ago when this issue wasn’t on our radar, so at the 10 minute mark when the countdown ended we are pretty close to in sync, but by the end of the video the audio is like 6-8 seconds ahead.

This one is from last week, when we knew there was an issue so we were trying to manual adjust it the whole time using the audio delay in xsplit. Clearly we weren’t perfect but at least we stayed close

Were you using the 4.0 PTR when the syncing issues started, or was it after a 3.9 update a month or two back?

Audio settings in XBC mostly default?