Groups in XSPLIT

You can no longer work with XSPLIT - at least not if you use groups. But these are important to me.

If you want to change the design in another scene and move a picture belonging to a group, the entire design of the other scenes is also changed - unintentionally -. In an example, the image is located there at the coordinates x = -1384 and y = -72.

The next image is 274 high, although it is only 232 high. You can no longer rely on the information high and wide.

The scroll bar changed in the sources is now a fine-tuning adventure.

Attempting to change a scene by clicking on another scene with the mouse fails sporadically. The desired scene is now highlighted with the color BLUE, but the content comes from the old scene.

XSPLIT is just not ending again. :frowning:
My look at OBS seems to spring from a real emergency.

Hi! We’re trying to reproduce the problem with grouped sources, but we’ll need a direct sample of the issues you’re describing. Can you send us screenshots or a screen recording?

Hello! Yes, I can,. But I need time. Please give me a few days.